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Artist Bio

Iván Bernal Pallí has been doing traditional wet darkroom photography since 2003. He initially studied photography in Barcelona and since then he has further developed his work experimenting with different techniques.

Since 2010 Iván has been working with the lith process. Lith printing uses a special developer that produces colourful images on traditional black and white photographic paper. Additionally, the prints show dark and grainy shadows with delicate highlights and mid-tones. The results differ depending on the choice of paper and several other factors such as developer temperature or dilution, offering the lith printer a wide range of possibilities for interpreting a negative. Moreover, most papers suitable for this process are no longer manufactured, being only available through the second-hand market. They are often decades old and stored in conditions less than ideal for photographic material. Nonetheless, these papers can often yield interesting results that positively contribute to the final look of the print.

An important part of Iván’s creative process is the use of vintage cameras which, in his opinion, render reality differently than modern equipment.

Iván’s work is influenced by Romanticism and the Pictorialism art movements and it is very atmospheric, highly focused on aesthetics and has a unique dream-like quality.

“I believe there is a simple aesthetic value in any artistic creation, and that value is enough to justify the artwork whatever the emotions behind it. Ultimately, I attempt to capture a world that lies around us unnoticed, an alternative reality to look at, and to escape to, with a glimpse.”

Ivan Bernal Palli

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