Anna Melnikova


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Artist Bio

Anna Melnikova is a photographer and artist originally from Belarus. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk and holds a professorship in Graphic Design and Photography at the same institute. Anna is currently the Head of the Department of Graphic Design and Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk, a position she was appointed to in 2018.

Anna obtained a master’s degree in Art History and received post-graduate training at the Academy of Fine Arts specializing in Design and Technical Esthetics. In 2015 she obtained the scientific qualification of “Researcher” in Art. She has participated in numerous photo exhibitions and projects in Belarus and abroad. She is a member of the “Belarusian Union of Designers” and the “Belarusian Union of Artists” and is an Associate at the Rodolfo Namias Group (GRN), Italy.

Anna’s photographic interests include street photography and fine art photography using alternative photographic processes, mainly focused on gum bichromate and cyanotype processes.

Events & Exhibitions

  • Republican Exhibition of the Graphic Design section of the Belarusian Union of Artists. “Idea!” Palace of Arts, Minsk (Belarus), 2016.
  • Festival Semplicemente fotografare V (with a personal exhibition). Novafeltria (Italy), 2018.
  • Festival PHOTOTRACE 18. Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia “CSF-Adams” Rome (Italy), 2018.
  • VI BIENNIAL OF PAINTING, GRAPHICS AND SCULPTURE 2018, Palace of Arts, Minsk (Belarus). Awarded with a diploma in the “Graphics of the Year 2018” nomination for a series cyanotypes.
  • Exhibition “Fotogramma”  at Area Contesa Arte (Via Margutta 90), Rome (Italy), 2019.
  • MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN ROME (MFR 2019) Exhibition of ancient photographic printing techniques at Spazio Concrete (Via Romanello da Forlì 25), Rome (Italy), 2019.
  • MONTH OF PHOTOGRAPHY IN ROME (MFR 2019) Exhibition “Trasfigurare l’apparire” (double solo show by Anna Melnikova and Luigi Conte) at minimalARCH studio, Rome (Italy).
  • Project “FOTOGRAFIADIFFUSA ROMA 2019,” Rome (Italy).
  • Festival PRAGUE PHOTO19, Prague (Czech Republic), 2019.
  • ART-MINSK19 International Art Festival, Minsk (Belarus), 2019.
  • Republican Exhibition of the III Triennial of Graphic Design. Palace of Arts, Minsk (Belarus), 2019.
  • Festival Semplicemente fotografare VI (with a personal exhibition) Novafeltria (Italy), 2019.
  • Exhibition and conference on the ancient technique, “The Gum Bichromate Process” as part of the PHOTOTRACE 2019 festival at the National Archaeological Museum G. C. Mecenate, Arezzo (Italy), 2019.
  • Republican Exhibition “Graphics of the Year 2019.” Art Gallery of Mikhail Savitsky, Minsk (Belarus), 2019.
  • Exhibition of the photo project “La vita delle persone ideali”, Salotto 42, (Piazza Pietra 42), Rome (Italy).
  • Fine Art Photo Awards 2020 Fine Art nominee,

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