Colin D. Irwin


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Artist Bio

Colin has been involved in the arts since childhood when he took his first summer art class at age 10 followed a few years later by a birthday gift of a Canon AE-1, which fueled his photography explorations.  In high school many hours were spent in the drama department both acting and working behind-the-scenes, which eventually lead to a course of study at U.S.C. Film School. Out “in the real world” Colin pursued and found employment in film and television set design, although he never abandoned his more personal artistic pursuits of painting and photography. The AE-1 is still in use, now augmented with 6×6” medium format and digital image capture technologies.  Since 2005 he has been printing exclusively in gum oil, preferring the impressionistic quality of the finished prints. Colin has also been a guest lecturer on the gum oil process at Santa Monica College near Los Angeles.

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