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“How Love Ends” © Richard Kynast. “Love ends in dead flowers." Approx 24x35cm / 9.4x13.8” on Bergger COT320. Handcrafted alternative process photograph (original traditional formula cyanotype from a digital negative). Print is signed and numbered #3, offered by GALLERY5X7 at $500.

Richard Kynast

Growing up in the Arizona-Sonora desert teaches many things, a respect for the way nature takes care of itself, along with a realization of the frailty, as well as resiliency, of life. Richard’s landscapes are an attempt to reflect those messages and his studio work is marked by its simplicity.

Among the last to switch from film, in 2009 Richard started building prints that crossed an 1870’s platinum process with modern digital technology as a means of expression. Never satisfied with his results, his work is continually changing as it continues to evolve.

Richard’s favorite quote comes from one of his patrons: “your photographs give me peace.”

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This Gallery includes artistic nudes.

"Rusty" © Sarah Lycksten. Approx. 4x5" handcrafted alternative process photograph (silver emulsion lith print from glass wet plate negative on vintage Leonar paper). Signed original print offered by GALLERY5X7 at $250.

Sarah Lycksten

Sarah Lycksten is an analogue photographer specialising in historical photographic techniques. She lives on a small Island in Sweden where she runs a gallery converted from an old barn. Sarah offers workshops, exhibitions and holds lectures about analogue photography.

For the last decade and a half Sarah has explored many techniques but the majority of her work focuses on lith printing, cyanotype and wet plate photography.

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“Bougainvillea” © Alex Mavromaras. Overlooking an old Mosque in the island of Crete. Approx. 6.5x8" (17x20cm) handcrafted alternative process photograph (toned cyanotype on vellum, etched and painted over with drawing and watercolor pencils). GALLERY5X7 offers this signed, original print at $250.

Alex Mavromaras

Inspired by the Greek Impressionists, Alex Mavromaras explores the rural Athenian landscapes as they blend in with historic town centers and archeological sites of Classical and Byzantine Greece. Alex holds a BA in Film & Visual Arts and an MSc in Information Technology. He started his career as a film crew member, documenting Byzantine Hagiography in the Monasteries of Mount Athos, in Northern Greece. He studied the work of 19th century Greek photographers (Philip Margarites, Petro Moraitis and particularly Spyro Milionis’ “ferroprussiate prints”) and early examples of “chromophotographs,” painted-over photographs, which contained an artistic element produced by hand. Evolving through his passion in the history of 19th century Greek photography, Alex extended his talent further into alternative printing techniques, experimenting with cyanotypes, gumoil and oil-printing.

Alex Mavromaras has lived in Egypt, Germany and the UK, and since 2004 has resided permanently in Athens, Greece. His work consists of one-of-a-kind cyanotypes on paper, glass and vellum as well as gumoil prints and oil-prints, exhibited in several Athenian and Greek island galleries.

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“Garlic” © Barry Mayfield. Approx. 8.5X10.5” (21X27cm) handcrafted alternative process photograph (silver gelatin lith print). GALLERY5X7 offers this signed, original print at $250.

Barry Mayfield

Barry Mayfield is an Irish photographer and musician. He first took up photography as a hobby while working in the Canary Islands as a musician in 2004 and was soon hooked.

For the past number of years he has been exploring alternative techniques, primarily lith printing, in his darkroom in Cork, Ireland. His work is heavily influenced by post impressionism and he uses toy and pinhole cameras, as well as alternative printing methods, to achieve this aesthetic.

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“The Fortress Of Guaita On Mount Titano" © Anna Melnikova. Republic of San Marino. Italy. Approx. 16x11" (41x29cm) handcrafted alternative process photograph (gum bichromate print from a single negative, four natural-pigment color layers on Lana watercolor paper). GALLERY5X7 offers this original, signed print at $750.

Anna Melnikova

Anna Melnikova is a photographer and artist originally from Belarus. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk and holds a professorship in Graphic Design and Photography at the same institute. Anna is currently the Head of the Department of Graphic Design and Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk, a position she was appointed to in 2018.

Anna obtained a master’s degree in Art History and received post-graduate training at the Academy of Fine Arts specializing in Design and Technical Esthetics. In 2015 she obtained the scientific qualification of “Researcher” in Art. She has participated in numerous photo exhibitions and projects in Belarus and abroad. She is a member of the “Belarusian Union of Designers” and the “Belarusian Union of Artists” and is an Associate at the Rodolfo Namias Group (GRN), Italy.

Anna’s photographic interests include street photography and fine art photography using alternative photographic processes, mainly focused on gum bichromate and cyanotype processes.

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“Loch Rannoch. Trees” © Iván B. Pallí. “Trees on the snowy shore of Loch Rannoch, Scotland." Approx. 14x20cm hand-printed silver gelatin lith print on Unibrom paper. Signed and numbered original print, edition 1/5, offered at $250.

Iván B. Pallí

Iván Bernal Pallí has been doing traditional wet darkroom photography since 2003. He initially studied photography in Barcelona and since then he has further developed his work experimenting with different techniques.

Since 2010 Iván has been working with the lith process. Lith printing uses a special developer that produces colourful images on traditional black and white photographic paper. Additionally, the prints show dark and grainy shadows with delicate highlights and mid-tones. The results differ depending on the choice of paper and several other factors such as developer temperature or dilution, offering the lith printer a wide range of possibilities for interpreting a negative. Moreover, most papers suitable for this process are no longer manufactured, being only available through the second-hand market. They are often decades old and stored in conditions less than ideal for photographic material. Nonetheless, these papers can often yield interesting results that positively contribute to the final look of the print.

An important part of Iván’s creative process is the use of vintage cameras which, in his opinion, render reality differently than modern equipment.

Iván’s work is influenced by Romanticism and the Pictorialism art movements and it is very atmospheric, highly focused on aesthetics and has a unique dream-like quality.

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"Calypso" © Victor Senkov. "Calypso" is a part of the 2018 series “Nymphs and other Goddesses.” Approx. 5.1x5.1" (13x13cm) handcrafted alternative process photograph (cyanotype, toned). GALLERY5X7 offers this signed, numbered and stamped original artist print at $500.

Victor Senkov

Victor Senkov was born in Mogilev, Belarus. Victor is an accomplished photographer, curator and member of the Belarusian Association of Photographers and Belarusian Union of Designers.

Victor is interested in art photo, concept photography, alternative photography and printing. He has participated in more than thirty national and international exhibitions, and was recently nominated for the “National Prize for the Fine Arts 2019 – 2020” for the project “Memory Remains.” Victor organized and worked on more than fifteen national and international exhibitions and curatorial projects of photography and graphic art with government and private galleries and museums as a curator. His prints are held in galleries in Slovenia, Ecuador and private collections around the world.

Victor lives and works in Minsk, Belarus.

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