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All prints on the GALLERY5X7 site are original, handcrafted alternative process photographs available for purchase.

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“Forest at Glendalough” © David Aimone. Approx. 9” x 9" handcrafted multi-layer print on Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag (gum bichromate over cyanotype over platinum/palladium). Signed single edition print offered by GALLERY5X7 at $650.

David Aimone

The blending of old and new, as well as traditional photography and other artforms, is something David is very interested in.  He began shooting and developing film, continued with large format and the use of old, sometimes “imperfect” lenses (by modern standards).  He is attracted to soft focus images and pictorialism. David experimented with Pinhole and zoneplate cameras, and now uses alternative methods of printing on hand-coated paper to create images that are handmade, unique and expressive.  David also combines these traditional and modern techniques with other mediums such as coloring, toning, painting and collage.

David resides in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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This Gallery includes artistic nudes.

"Duo Tulips" © Annemarie Borg-Antara. Approx. 8x10" (20x25cm) handcrafted alternative process photograph (cyanotype, double-coated Mike Ware process) on Hahnemühle Platinum rag. Original, signed and editioned print offered by GALLERY5X7.

Annemarie Borg-Antara

What Annemarie Borg demonstrates is her intense curiosity in attempting to push through the boundaries of her creative expression. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and an ocean preservation speaker as well as a performance coach. She entered the world of visual art as a professional musician, classically trained singer, and ambient music composer with five album releases.

For Borg visual art is a natural extension of her passion for music and for the environment, she embraces her work from live performances and street photography, to a black and white macro photography series entitled “The Intimate Language of Flowers.” She approaches alternative photographic processes in the same way she approaches music and all her profesional commitments, expressing her deep passion for Nature. Through trial and error she finds her own way into these processes, from cyanotype to lumen on various supporting materials, and a personal combination of cyano-lumen process, then to Argyrotypes (Mike Ware process). She continues to experiment further with an extension of cyanotype that she calls Au Doigté, introducing ink and different substrates into the process. She firmly believes that creativity and imagination are the main tools for change, and that to be static is not an option.

Annemarie lives in Paris and in London.

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The Ocracoke Island Lighthouse has been a landmark of the NC Outer Banks since 1823. B&W handcrafted alternative process photograph (original silver emulsion print from paper negative). "Ocracoke Island Light" © WJ Eastman Offered by GALLERY5X7

WJ Eastman

My name is Joe Eastman (WJ Eastman) and I am the Founder of GALLERY5X7, a site dedicated to connecting artists with a collecting community by creating a trusted channel to market handcrafted, alternative process photography.

The path that led me to the creation of GALLERY5X7 may not be typical of many other gallery owners.  Many who are connected to me via social media portals may not be aware of my background in medicine (dermatology) and in pharmaceutical medical affairs.  My professional credentials and experience gained over 25+ years are hard won – I am certainly proud of my career trajectory and achievements in support of patients with dermatologic disease.

What many of my friends and connections may not be aware of is my creative passion –  the creation and collection of handcrafted, alternative process photography. Some of you who know me personally know that I have been making silver gelatin photographic prints in my darkroom for over 35 years. More recently, I have begun to explore alternative process photography (which curiously, in a digitally-consumed world, includes silver gelatin prints!).  In addition to the creation of b&w silver gelatin prints from film and digital captures, I now primarily contact print from paper negatives – a process that allows me to incorporate texture into my b&w printing in a fresh and innovative way.

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"Croatia Side Street" © Alan Glover. Approx 11x7.5” handcrafted Van Dyke Brown print from a single negative printed on Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag paper. GALLERY5X7 offers this original print, signed on the mount (mount size 16x12”), at $250.

Alan Glover

Alan Glover is a photographer based in the UK, in the Midlands between Birmingham & Wolverhampton. He has been a photographer all his life, inspired firstly by his father who had a black & white darkroom. For most of his life he was a man with a job and a hobby (photography of course), however, looking for a different approach to his work, he came across alternative historic photographic processes around 2014. 

Alan produces work mostly using the gum bichromate or cyanotype processes, but has also worked with Van Dyke Brown and would like to try most of the others when time permits!

Alan gets his inspiration from all around, often creating images with no fixed purpose or project in mind other than what pleases his eye. The many superb artists around the world using these processes are also a constant source of admiration and inspiration.

Alan is a member of Wolverhampton Society of Artists and has held several exhibitions local to his home and exhibits regularly in a local art gallery. He has also taken part in the last two iterations of ‘Poartry’, a project where local poets and artists are randomly paired up to produce pieces inspired by each other’s work, and also a funded Character Portraits Project where artists were matched with volunteers in the community to produce portraits of them to acknowledge and honour their commitment to the voluntary sector.

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The endless power of the human mind. "Bohemian Buddha" © David Heger. Approx. 20x20" handcrafted alternative process print (antracotypia, resinotype) on white plastic board; black pigment over imitation gold; wood frame, no glass). Signed, original editioned (1/10) print offered by GALLERY5X7 at $500.

David Heger

David Heger is self-taught photographer who draws inspiration from his experience as a cameraman in a puppet animation studio. He often creates his own small photography props and combines  them with real, natural scenery.

David creates unique prints using alternative photographic processes, especially resinotypes; he often experiments with metallic image backgrounds and pigment variations.

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"Branch With Seeds" © Mat Hughes. Found, Little Desert National Park, Victoria. Approx. 6.5x8.5" (16.5x21.5cm) handcrafted silver gelatin tree bark still-life study from scanned large format 4x5 negative. Printed on fibre paper and bonded on 16x16" (40.5x40.5cm) Forex foamboard ready for framing. Edition of 3 unique signed prints. Offered by GALLERY5X7 at $250.

Mat Hughes

Mat was born in Libya (when the country had a King) and raised in the UK. He was given a blue plastic camera when little, so naturally went on to study photography. After three years at the Plymouth College of Art & Design, he hit the streets of London in 1984 as a freelance photographic assistant. 

In 2009 he moved to Melbourne with his Australian-born wife. With the birth of his daughter in 2012, he became a full-time stay-at-home Dad. Between juggling the demands of a busy home life, he has continued to pursue his photographic craft.

With over 35 years’ experience, his craft bridges traditional wet-process film techniques as well as digital photography. Framing and presentation are integral to his process, and each is chosen carefully resulting in these finely crafted works.

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“Air Roots” © Colin D. Irwin. Approx. 10x8” (25.40x20.32 cm) handcrafted polychrome gum oil print on Stonehenge paper. Signed, single edition print, offered at $250.

Colin Irwin

Colin has been involved in the arts since childhood when he took his first summer art class at age 10 followed a few years later by a birthday gift of a Canon AE-1, which fueled his photography explorations.  In high school many hours were spent in the drama department both acting and working behind-the-scenes, which eventually lead to a course of study at U.S.C. Film School.

Out “in the real world” Colin pursued and found employment in film and television set design, although he never abandoned his more personal artistic pursuits of painting and photography. The AE-1 is still in use, now augmented with 6×6” medium format and digital image capture technologies. 

Since 2005 he has been printing exclusively in gum oil, preferring the impressionistic quality of the finished prints. Colin has also been a guest lecturer on the gum oil process at Santa Monica College near Los Angeles.

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“Snowy Owl" © Andy Kraushaar. Approx. 8x12" (20.3x30.5cm) handcrafted alternative process photograph (hand-tinted cyanotype) printed on Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag. GALLERY5X7 offers this signed, original print at $250.

Andy Kraushaar

Andy Kraushaar is a photographer and collector of vernacular photographs living in Madison, Wisconsin. He works primarily with cyanotype and gum bichromate. All of the images are captured digitally and then negatives are produced to make the prints.

His father encouraged him to appreciate birds when he was very young, five or six years old. Since that time nearly 3 billion birds have disappeared from across the US and Canada. This is nearly a 30% decline in bird populations due to agricultural practices, pesticides, habitat loss, and a variety other factors. It seemed to him like a good time to start to photograph the survivors.

The combination of his fascination with historic photographic processes and his existing skills in photography led him on a path to combine the two interests. In 2019 he attended a weeklong workshop on the bichromate printing process at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. And in the summer of 2020 he worked one-on-one with an artist to refine his work with the process. Although employed largely by Pictorialist photographers between the 1890s and the 1930s, gum printing is undergoing a modest resurgence. The resulting prints are surprisingly painterly and the process invites chance. It is an appropriate technique for this subject, taking a step away from the too often clinical and literal translation offered by digital media.

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