Gallery of Handcrafted Alternative Process Photography

Connecting artists with a collecting community by creating a trusted channel to market handcrafted photography.


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All prints on the GALLERY5X7 site are original, handcrafted, alternative process photographs available for purchase.

Interested in making a purchase? Email: WJEASTMAN@GALLERY5X7.COM

Building a Community of Photography Collectors

Facilitating Connections with Artists

Fostering Enduring Relationships


GALLERY5X7 is based on these simple, foundational concepts – that artists creating handcrafted prints using alternative photographic processes want to make  connections and establish trusted, long-term relationships with collectors interested in this specialized art form.

“GALLERY5X7 is establishing a trusted online channel to market handcrafted photography to a focused collecting community, while simultaneously building a collecting philosophy in the minds of the artists we represent.”

WJ Eastman, MD
Founder GALLERY5X7