Alan Glover


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Artist Bio

Alan Glover is a photographer based in the UK, in the Midlands between Birmingham & Wolverhampton. He has been a photographer all his life, inspired firstly by his father who had a black & white darkroom. For most of his life he was a man with a job and a hobby (photography of course), however, looking for a different approach to his work, he came across alternative historic photographic processes around 2014. He was fortunate to be able to take early retirement back in 2016, which gave him the opportunity to explore and practice these processes further.

Alan produces work mostly using the gum bichromate or cyanotype processes, but has also worked with Van Dyke Brown and would like to try most of the others when time permits!

He feels that it is only now, as his processes are more established, that he is able to explore the more artistic side of his work and knows that his development as an artist will always be a ‘work in progress.’ He continues to get his inspiration from all around, often creating images with no fixed purpose or project in mind other than what pleases his eye. The many superb artists around the world using these processes are also a constant source of admiration and inspiration.

Alan is a member of Wolverhampton Society of Artists and has held several exhibitions local to his home and exhibits regularly in a local art gallery. He has also taken part in the last two iterations of ‘Poartry’, a project where local poets and artists are randomly paired up to produce pieces inspired by each other’s work, and also a funded Character Portraits Project where artists were matched with volunteers in the community to produce portraits of them to acknowledge and honour their commitment to the voluntary sector.

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