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All prints on the GALLERY5X7 site are original, handcrafted alternative process photographs available for purchase.

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"Stone Pines” © Marc Sirinsky. Approx. 4.75x6.5" hand-transfer print on masa paper from antique bakelite camera negative. Original, signed, editioned (1/6) print offered at $250.

Marc Sirinsky

Marc Sirinsky creates alternative process photography that incorporates a combination of traditional and contemporary methods.  Simultaneously transitory and everlasting, his imagery reflects a personal state of emotion while also speaking to the fleeting nature of our collective memories as human beings.

Marc’s work has appeared in numerous publications and in over 50 juried, solo and group exhibitions. A native of Chicago, he now resides in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.

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"Avant l’automne" © Xavier Vanlaere. Approx. 2.8x3.5" (7x9cm) handcrated alternative process photograph (silver gelatin print) developed in darkroom with a paintbrush on multigrafe FB photographic paper. GALLERY5X7 offers this signed, original print at $250.

Xavier Vanlaere

Xavier Vanlaere’s passion for images came early in life when, as a child, he went to his father’s professional studio and witnessed in the glowing darkness the slow revelation of the film image. Xavier collected the black and white trial proofs from his father’s darkroom and colored them with markers, recomposing landscapes and drawing on portraits to make new creations.

In 1998, Xavier set up his own photography workshop and darkroom near Marseille, France. Since that time he has worked on long-term themes that he explores over several years: portraits, cities at dawn, etc. Each of his photographic subjects become a personal exploration allowing him to meet people, discover other universes – to learn, to grow.  Sensitive to the beauty of things, to the fragility of the moment, Xavier fixes his visual impressions to keep and watch.

But for Xavier capturing the image is only the beginning, as the final print does not yet exist. It is in his studio that he slowly builds it and where it ultimately takes a final form. He attaches great importance to obtaining the final object – the one he has pre-visualized or the one that offers itself to him in sometimes surprising and unpredictable ways. And if the technique requires discipline, rigor and the application of a precise protocol, Xavier also leaves room for failures and experimentation because he knows that processing “errors” sometimes give rise to singular and unexpected beauty, opening up new avenues of creativity.

Xavier lives and works in the south of France, leading photography workshops in the city of Marseille.

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“Grand Canyon National Park" © Tom Wise. Fog uplift near Duck Rock at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Approx. 14x21" (35.6x53.3cm) handcrafted alternative process photograph (gum bichromate over cyanotype). GALLERY5X7 offers this signed, original print at $1,000.

Tom Wise

Tom Wise is a landscape and nature photographer currently living in the “Land of Enchantment,” New Mexico. Tom’s interest in photography was instilled by his father who loved nothing more than to photograph the prairies of Nebraska, then return to his basement darkroom to develop film and make silver gelatin prints.

Tom spent his adult life as an educator in Nebraska, returning to photography as he neared retirement. He discovered the joys of creating alternative process photographic prints at a gum bichromate workshop taught by the inimitable Christina Z. Anderson. As a result of the workshop, Tom has strived to refine his processes in gum printing as well as cyanotype, kallitype and combinations of these mediums.

Tom’s prints were accepted in the “Altered Reality” juried show at the Lightbox Photographic Gallery in Astoria, Oregon. He is also featured as one of the contemporary artists in the book “Digital Negatives with QuadTone RIP: Demystifying QTR for Photographers and Printmakers” by Ron Reeder and Christina Z. Anderson.

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"Santa Maria Della Salute" © Daniel Zilbersheid. Approx. 10.5x14.5" (26.7x36.8cm) handcrafted alternative process photograph (gumoil). GALLERY5X7 offers this signed, original print at $300.

Daniel Zilbersheid

Daniel Zilbersheid is an analytical chemist living in Israel working in the laboratory of Professor Barenholtz. Daniel creates beautiful prints using the GumOil method, a photographic printing process that uses a sensitizing gum arabic mix and oil paint, to create a handmade photograph. Leveraging his background in chemistry, Daniel has been developing and improving various handmade photo printing methods (without digital processing) for many years.

Daniel’s prints are being exhibited in Israel and abroad.

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