A few foundational beliefs:

  • creators of handcrafted, often one-of-a-kind alternative process photographic prints should be compensated fairly for their work
  • many artists struggle to set reasoned prices for their work, potentially undervaluing unique artwork to establish themselves in the marketplace, or overvaluing initial work before establishing a reputation
  • buyers and collectors of prints want affordable access to work from new, emerging artists and lessor-known creators, allowing the assembly and expansion of their collections for added personal and investment value
  • many artists also want to have affordable access to work from their peers and photographers they follow
  • creation of a community of artists with a collecting mindset is critical to nurturing an expanding and enduring marketplace for alternative process photographs

“GALLERY5X7 creates a marketing venue and pricing framework bringing collectors and creators together.  It’s collaborative – photographers and collectors of handcrafted photography promoting a collecting community!”

WJ Eastman

Very simply, artists represented by GALLERY5X7 agree to offer unframed, signed original prints to collectors at three price points based on size: 

  • $250 for prints up to 8×10″
  • $500 for prints up to 16×20″
  • $1,000 for larger prints

The GALLERY5X7 tiered pricing structure allows for new and less recognized artists to make their artwork accessible to a community interested in their handcrafted photography. This structure is very intentional and essential to building a community of collectors supporting emerging talent.  That said, we recognize our pricing structure may not apply to every situation – some artists will have negotiated different terms with other galleries and want to ensure price consistency, or will need to align pricing with prints selling from their own websites. Remember that GALLERY5X7 does not ask the artists we represent for commissions on sales facilitated by our site; we are therefore not influenced to price work in a manner that principally benefits the gallery – our pricing structure is intended to give a framework that benefits everyone in our community (both creators and collectors). Be assured, GALLERY5X7 will work with you to price your work appropriately if our pricing structure conflicts with your marketing approach..  

GALLERY5X7 will facilitate communication between the artist and potential buyer; all transactions (purchase arrangements, shipping of prints, etc.) are conducted by the artists and purchaser directly.  We believe this facilitated direct communication between artist and purchaser establishes a personal connection and trust that can lead to long-term relationships – relationships that we intend to foster, not get between.  We hope you will find our “get the gallery out of the way” refreshing and something that positively differentiates us from other, less artist- and collector-centric galleries. We do ask that GALLERY5X7 be made aware of sales and feedback on any communications to raise awareness of the value of the site to the artistic and collecting community.

As previously mentioned, GALLERY5X7 does not charge a commission on sales.  But we do hope you will reward what you value. Please support GALLERY5X7 financially with an annual contribution commensurate with the value of the services you receive (you determine the amount of contribution).  It’s really all about fostering new relationships built on a foundation of trust.

WJ Eastman, MD
Founder GALLERY5X7

Welcome to our community of artists and collectors!

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