Most importantly, it means you become a member of a trusted community of artists and collectors of handcrafted alternative process photography.  We believe artists AND collectors will find significant and tangible value from GALLERY5X7 representation!

GALLERY5X7 supports the development of enduring artist-collector connections.

Artists often want to:

  • share their handcrafted photography with an interested audience
  • build long-term relationships with other artists, patrons and collectors
  • work with venues that seek to have a deeper understanding of their art and motivations
  • build partnerships with institutions that will actively market and promote their work
  • improve their opportunities to SELL!

Collectors often seek to:

  • gain exposure to new, emerging and less-well-known photographers
  • build personal relationships with artists creating art that interests them
  • build trusted networks with institutions that understand their collecting interests
  • assemble and expand their collections for added personal and investment value
  • maximize their opportunities to BUY from “undiscovered” artists!

GALLERY5X7 understands the needs of both artist and collector, providing a variety of opportunities to engage and build valued relationships.

As an artist, you can expect the following benefits of GALLERY5X7 representation:

  • to develop a trusted personal relationship with an interested gallery owner seeking to understand your needs and what you value as you establish and grow your artistic brand
  • exhibition on a personalized gallery updated as your portfolio grows
  • opportunity for your work to be showcased as a featured print on the website homepage
  • active promotion to a curated and growing national and international community interested in alternative process photography
  • facilitated direct connections with collectors and other artists that have expressed interest in purchasing your images (via newsletters, updates, and direct correspondence)
  • sale of original prints under a simple pricing structure ($250, $500 and $1,000 based on print size) that responsibly compensates artists while simultaneously encouraging a collecting mindset in the community we serve.

As a collector, you can expect the following benefits of GALLERY5X7 representation: 

  • to develop a trusted personal relationship with an interested gallery owner seeking to understand your needs and values as you build and supplement your photography collection
  • gain exposure to a curated and expanding community of artists via personalized GALLERY5X7 communications (via newsletters, updates, and direct correspondence)
  • facilitated direct connections with artists based on your interests and purchase inquiries
  • availability of original, often one-of-a-kind prints for sale under a pricing structure that allows our collecting community to affordably and responsibly invest in new and less-recognized artists.

GALLERY5X7 Asks That You Support What You Value

As an artist represented by GALLERY5X7, you agree to (this is a trusted community – we believe in promises kept):

  • join our Community by subscribing to our email list (by providing your email address in the footer section below)
  • offer your original prints for sale to the community at three price points based on the size of the artwork
  • alert GALLERY5X7 of any sales facilitated by our site
  • consider purchasing prints from the artists we represent (remember, we are a “Community of Collectors!”) 
  • allow GALLERY5X7 use of your images for marketing and promotional purposes (you retain copyright and all images will be appropriately attributed to you)
  • support GALLERY5X7 financially with an annual contribution commensurate with the value of the services you receive (you determine the amount of contribution).

WJ Eastman, MD
Founder GALLERY5X7

Welcome to our community of artists and collectors!

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