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Artist Bio

Marc Sirinsky creates alternative process photography that incorporates a combination of traditional and contemporary methods. Simultaneously transitory and everlasting, his imagery reflects a personal state of emotion while also speaking to the fleeting nature of our collective memories as human beings.

Recently, a feature on his work was published by “The Od Review,” a leading critical contemporary photography publication by editor and Harvard University Radcliffe Fellow Dr. Collier Brown:

“…Colors draw close enough to commune with one another. But, in the end, each saturated dot protects its own sovereignty, its own unique disposition. From that kind of literal re-collection, only impressions are possible. Hence the hazy serenity of Georges Seurat and Claude Monet. In photography, that tradition filters through the brothers Lumière, whose autochromes anticipate the impressionistic spectra in Sirinsky’s work.

Captured in each of Sirinsky’s photographs is the pollen-like residue of a day, connatural with the mind’s eye, which is only to say, connatural with what our real eyes are always trying to see.”

Dr. Collier Brown
Harvard University, Radcliffe Fellow

"Summons” © Marc Sirinsky. Approx. 6x5" hand-transfer print on masa paper from antique bakelite camera negative. Original, signed, editioned (7/10) print offered at $250.

“Summons” © Marc Sirinsky. Approx. 6×5” hand-transfer print on masa paper from antique bakelite camera negative. Original, signed, editioned (7/10) print offered at $250.

Marc’s work has appeared in numerous publications and in over 50 juried, solo and group exhibitions. A native of Chicago, he now resides in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.

GALLERY5X7 offers several of Marc’s original prints in signed, limited edition.

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