GALLERY5X7 Traffic Analytics

Artists represented by GALLERY5X7 are provided site and social media analytics updated on a monthly basis. GALLERY5X7 believes transparency in our promotional efforts is critical to understand how we are serving your interests!  GALLERY5X7 is unique in this regard – you will not likely find this service provided by any online (and certainly no brick-and-mortar) gallery. 

Selected Traffic Statistics (Period Feb 10 – Mar 10, 2020):

Google Analytics

User Sessions230
Page Views695
Avg. Session Duration4:40
New / Returning 83% / 17%
Top Sources (Users) GALLERY5X7 (59%)
Facebook (17%)
Google (7%)
Instagram (8%)
Pinterest (3%)


Page Views54
Page Likes4
Post Reach744
Post Engagement94
Page Followers4


Page Views1
Unique Visitors1




Total Audience3060
Engaged Audience25

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WJ Eastman, MD
Founder GALLERY5X7