My name is William “Joe” Eastman (WJ Eastman) and I am the Founder of GALLERY5X7, an online gallery dedicated to connecting artists with a collecting community by creating a trusted channel to market handcrafted, alternative process photography.  Please take a few moments to explore the site – I know you will find something of interest and value in the community we are building!

The path that led me to the creation of GALLERY5X7 may not be typical of many other gallery owners.  Many who are connected to me via social media portals may be aware of my background in medicine (dermatology) and in pharmaceutical medical affairs.  My professional credentials and experience gained over 25+ years are hard won – I am certainly proud of my career trajectory and achievements in support of patients with dermatologic disease.

What many of my friends and connections may not be aware of is my creative passion –  the creation and collection of handcrafted, alternative process photography. Some of you who know me personally know that I have been making silver gelatin photographic prints in my darkroom for over 35 years. More recently, I have begun to explore alternative process photography (which curiously, in a digitally-consumed world, includes silver gelatin prints!). 

In addition to my personal alternative process photography work, my creative energies now also focus on the establishment and support of GALLERY5X7. Though the site was only formally established in the Summer of 2019 (but in concept and early development for at least a year prior to that), I am not a newcomer to the photography gallery world. I previously founded PrimaryExposure, a successful online gallery dedicated (though no longer available) to the promotion of new and emerging digital photographers. My interest in the creation and collection of alternative process photography, combined with my previous experience building a successful and trusted online community and photography gallery, are the foundations on which GALLERY5X7 is built.

“Aspens Near Santa Fe New Mexico" © Tom Wise. Aspens in Aspen Glen near Santa Fe New Mexico. Approx. 6x7.5" (15.2x19.1cm) handcrafted alternative process photograph (gum bichromate over palladium-toned kallitype). GALLERY5X7 offers this signed, editioned original print at $250.

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What does it mean to be represented by GALLERY5X7?

What does it mean to be represented by GALLERY5X7?

Most importantly, it means you become a member of a trusted community of artists and collectors of handcrafted alternative process photography.  We believe artists AND collectors will find significant and tangible value from GALLERY5X7 representation! GALLERY5X7...

An introduction…

An introduction…

Building a Community of Photography Collectors Facilitating Connections with Artists Fostering Enduring Relationships Welcome to GALLERY5X7 ! These simple phrases capture the essence of GALLERY5X7 and what sets us apart from other online and traditional...


Facilitating Artist Connections

Fostering enduriNg relationships

GALLERY5X7 is based on these simple, foundational concepts – that artists creating handcrafted prints using alternative photographic processes want to make connections and establish trusted, long-term relationships with collectors interested in this specialized art form.

“GALLERY5X7 is establishing a trusted online channel to market handcrafted photography to a focused collecting community, while simultaneously building a collecting philosophy in the minds of the artists we represent.”

WJ Eastman, MD

Founder GALLERY5X7

Unique Photography Gallery

GALLERY5X7 facilitates direct connections between artists and collectors as we believe this approach establishes a personal connection and trust that can lead to long-term relationships – relationships that we intend to foster, not get between.  We hope you will find our “get the gallery out of the way” approach refreshing!  Sales inquiries are passed directly to the represented artist and all transactions (pricing negotiations, purchase arrangements, shipping of prints, etc.) are conducted by the artists and purchaser directly.

“Roman Dawn” © Alex Mavromaras. Storm building behind a Roman temple in ancient Corinth. Approx. 9.5x7" (24x18cm) handcrafted alternative process photograph (toned cyanotype on vellum, etched and painted over with drawing and watercolor pencils). GALLERY5X7 offers this signed, original print at $250.

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